Our All-in-one Software suite covers all facets of Timeshare management

SPI Software provides management-oriented software solutions to a global market of resort developers and operators of timeshare, vacation clubs, and mixed-use properties. SPI System Software components are available as an on-premises deployment model, coupled with the most advanced user interface, including web-based products for OPCs, Housekeeping, Owners, and Guests.

The SPI Software System platform features a comprehensive set of modules that provide world-class timeshare resort management solutions. The scope of modules includes solutions for Marketing, Sales, Resort, and Finance. Additional software programs help properties with loan servicing, maintenance fee servicing, receivables management, centralized reservations, and owner services.

SPI’s Software System is installed on a network or hardware that the client owns or controls, adapted to each company’s unique requirements. SPI clients purchase the entire software suite or only the systems they need. SPI’s sales team works with each client to help determine their specific needs, adapting their software to each business.

Marketing Management Solutions

The SPI Software Marketing Management module addresses the need to effectively compete for new timeshare owners. It has the power to easily build complex campaigns – from in-house to telemarketing to OPC – track results, and even handle mini-vacation fulfillment. It also adeptly handles all technology requirements for managing tours and premium inventory for gifting.

Lead Management

Lead management tracks an unlimited number of categories including in-house, OPC, and inbound programs, as well as record results and callback dates and receives reports of booking effectiveness and lead sources. This automatically distributes leads to tour appointment operators and receives reports of booking effectiveness and lead sources.

  • Importing of lead lists with duplicate verification
  • Maintain internal do-not-call list
  • Campaign Builder & Work List Management
  • In-house & off-site marketin
  • Analyze operator and marketing source efficiency
  • Complete customer profiles including demographic information
  • Track referrals


Tour inventory management including mini-vacation fulfillment including ability to link to resort inventory

  • Tour Confirmations & Surveys
  • Arrivals Manifest
  • Track tour completion results and salesperson efficiency
  • Tour Flow
  • Marketing Audit Trail
  • Reporting Analysis
  • Referral Tracking
  • Management Snapshot Dashboard

Premium Inventory

Premium Inventory is a big part of the overall cost of each sale. You need to know the status of each piece of your Premium Inventory. Is it in stock or has it been distributed? If it has been distributed, has it been redeemed?

  • Inventory Counts
  • Distribution Tracking
  • Redemption Tracking
  • Permitted premiums based
  • Reporting
  • Audit Trail

Guest Management Solutions

Understanding your guests and prospects by personalizing communications with them will dramatically improve your resort’s capability to build loyalty that will drive repeat business.

SPI’s TravelClick Guest Management Solutions (GMS) Interface offers a comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools to engage your guests and drive incremental revenue. Target guests with the right message at the right time and seamlessly customize your outreach before, during, and after their stay. Maximize the value of your guest data to continuously drive revenue and engagement for your resort.

SPI Sales Software provides a comprehensive set of applications for efficiently managing timeshare sales operations, preparing sales documents, calculating commissions, and tracking deal statues. This module is designed to scale for all sized properties and supports either single or multiple project sales centers. 

Sales Tracking

SPI Software’s user-friendly software may be accessed across your enterprise by all client personnel. Sales data is only entered once and effectively collected without re-entry errors. Some of the features include:

  • Sales Center Effectiveness
  • Inventory control
  • Sales Reporting
  • Payments
  • Trades
  • Cancellations
  • Rescissions

Document Preparation

Document Preparation includes the execution and printing of sales documents and loan notes. These documents include timeshare deeded real estate, whole ownership, point programs or fractional inventory producing many choices for the sales staff.

  • Sales Contracts Quickly
  • Loan Notes
  • Contract Sets Defined by Group
  • Docusign Integration
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Restrict Groups by Sales Type


The SPI Commissions module provides a fast and efficient way for paying sales personnel. Not only are the commissions automatically calculated based on the user defined statuses set up, but the user is also able to preview and edit the payments before processing the commission payments. Once commission payments have been reviewed for accuracy, the user can then post the commission payments. Each salesperson’s reserve amount is maintained by the system.

  • Payments & History
  • Charge-backs
  • Commission Splits
  • Draws/Reserves
  • Commissions Reports

Resort Management Solutions

The SPI Resort Management system manages the needs of the entire resort operations. SPI’s Resort Management module provides a comprehensive platform that includes reservations, property management and owner rentals.


The SPI Resort Management module manages every aspect relating to property reservations for owners/members, renters, and inbound exchanges.
Features include:

  • Create and manage all room inventory allocations
  • Availability views at Room Type and Room Level
  • Manage owner’s reservation rights and use from weeks to points including annual, biennial, triennial with accelerated usage and whole ownership
  • Nightly rate configuration for monetary and points rates including Revenue Management using Tiers
  • Associate housekeeping service codes to reservations
  • All-Inclusive & Package options
  • Maintain a complete owner/guest history including detailed notes
  • Provide group tracking and concierge services
  • Bulk print or email, text, or WhatsApp confirmation letters
  • Track advance deposits and other reservation fees/payments based on frequency nightly, at check-in, at time of booking
  • Search by resort and/or room amenities
  • Manage overbooking and waitlist
  • Inventory Management using bulk banking
  • Owner Auto Allocation for usage reservations
  • Reports

Property Management

The SPI Property Management module powerfully manages the entire resort operation. Easily manage the on-property experience that results in improved guest satisfaction. This comprehensive module includes:

  • Perform all Front Desk operations
  • Flexible, intuitive multi-folio management
  • PreCheck processing
  • Night audit
  • Inhouse Communications
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Secure online payments
  • Complete reporting
  • City Ledger / Direct Bill management including statements and receivables tracking
  • Email guest folio receipt
  • Interfaces with POS, PBX, Keycard systems via COMTROL

Owner Rental

The SPI Property Management module manages Owner Rental for owners that deposit their usage rights and allows transient guest revenue to be allocated between the resort and owner. Access important information from owners in one place.

  • Rental Agreements for Condo/Hotel
  • Split Distribution Tracking
  • Owner Statements detailing proceeds
  • Divert Revenue
  • Ability to apply owner proceeds to Maintenance Dues

Finance Management Solutions

Maintenance Fees & Mortgages

The cornerstones of SPI’s Finance Management system are the powerful Maintenance Dues and Mortgage Accounts. Receivable modules, intelligent automation of complicated tasks saves time and provides precise control over the assessment, billing, and collection of maintenance dues and fees. Mortgage servicing is easily facilitated with SPI’s Software system, which takes the guesswork out of billing and adds intelligence and task automation with no complicated coding. It completely automates:

  • Creation of maintenance fee assessments
  • Mortgage Servicing
  • Payment Processing
  • Autopay; recurring payments
  • Automatic payment allocation and rules engine
  • Accounting for fees and taxes
  • Aging, transaction reporting
  • Late-fee generation
  • Email Statements
  • Text or WhatsApp Payment Due Notifications
  • Reports
  • Audit Trail
  • General Ledger Interface


SPI Web is our fully featured collection of web applications, web services, and interfaces. Web Applications are web portals that enable real-time, 24/7, secure access to SPI Software features and functionality resulting in higher satisfaction from your owners and guests, and less work for your staff.

Whether a mobile application, search engine, or an enterprise system, the user piece of the application (the interface) resides on a local device. The data, and potentially the business rules, live on some other server on the network. How the local device communicates with the server is the role of Web Services.

Owner Connect

Owner Connect is a web application that provides a self-service portal for timeshare owners. It provides real-time and secure owner transactions including reservations for usage (weeks or points), non-usage, monthly mortgage, and maintenance dues payments. The overall result is a much higher satisfaction from your owners and less work for your staff.

  • Web Application
  • Owner Reservations (Usage and Non-Usage)
  • Stay History
  • Owner Profile Updates​
  • Owner Balances
  • Dues/Loans Payments
  • Document Attachments

Housekeeping Connect

Housekeeping Connect is a web application that provides resort managers with a “ready to go” web-based application for mobile devices that facilitates day-to-day housekeeping processes for their occupied and vacant room inventory. 

  • Staff Dashboard
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Real-Time Tracking of Room Status
  • Real-Time Tracking of Cleaning Process
  • Housekeeper Assignment
  • Add, edit, and complete service requests

Guest Connect

Guest Connect is a web application that provides a self-service portal for non-owner resort guests. It provides real-time and secure guest reservation transactions. The overall result is a much higher satisfaction from your guests and less work for your staff.

  • Web Application
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Non-Owner/Rental Reservations
  • Owner Profile Updates​

OPC Connect

OPC Connect is a web application that allows off-premise contact (OPC) sales personnel and other tour vendors to market your property by remotely booking tours.

BI Connect

BI Connect is a web application that provides multiple dashboards to property owners and managers with online reporting and key performance business indicators in real-time.

Web Services API

The growing set of SPI Interfaces facilitates enhanced services for our clients by providing a full complement of integrations with our industry’s solution providers.

  • Web Application
  • OPC Sales Personnel
  • Tour Vendors
  • Remote Booking
  • Business Analytics
  • Power BI
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Desktop/Mobile App
  • Secure Merchant Gateway
  • Exchanges
  • GDS/OTA Distribution
  • Booking Engine
  • Mobile/Web Reporting
  • Hospitality Interfaces
  • Third-Party Integrations

Communications Solutions

Conversational Text & Messaging

SPI Software integrates with ConnectionsGT™ to bring you SPI ConnectT™. Triggering messages using SPI modules data allows for a text communication channel to be open, to increase productivity and provide a communication method that guest and owner use resulting in increased customer service. SPI modules are fully integrated into ConnectionsGT conversational texting and messaging solutions creating SPI Connect Services below:

  • Lead Connect
  • Arrival Connect ™
  • Guest Connect ™
  • Vacation Sales Connect ™
  • Transfer Connect
  • Owner connect ™

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