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Does your resort need serious help with timeshare software for your property? Do you have a unique resort management problem you dream of resolving? Is your current system fulfilling your needs?

Would you like timeshare software that tracks your guests’ journey from pre-arrival, continuing through check-in, the entire visit, and checkout?

Would you love some software magic with data migration, vacation rental program management, and strategic data analysis? Imagine the benefits of having timeshare management software systems that can reduce administrative work and free your staff to focus on delivering great vacations!

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At SPI Software, we understand your challenges. This is not our first rodeo! We’ve been helping resort professionals since the beginning of timesharing, created exclusively over four decades ago to serve the management needs of all types of shared-ownership properties. Our depth of industry knowledge has led us to offer the most advanced vacation ownership-focused software on the market. With a talented team of technology wizards standing by to help, our innovative, problem-solving solutions have been installed by resorts and management companies on five continents.

An estimated 25% of all U.S. timeshare resorts have successfully implemented SPI Software systems.

Our systems are installed on a network or hardware that each client owns or controls, adapted to their own unique requirements.

Components are available as an on-premises deployment model or through individual modules, coupled with the most advanced user interface. SPI clients purchase the entire suite or only the systems they desire.

The tech savvy sales team works with each client to help determine their specific needs.

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The SPI Promise

Timeshare Software Solutions

Developed as state-of-the-art business application software, the SPI platform includes a comprehensive set of modules with software solutions that cover the entire vacation ownership enterprise: sales, property management, loan servicing, receivables management, integrations, and mobile applications.

During our decades of industry service, we have provided software magic for hundreds of resorts on issues with data migration, rental program management, and strategic data analysis.

Today’s resort guests are increasingly comfortable with the use of technology before, during, and after their vacations. This will be standard in the future. SPI can help you transport your clients there now. While reviewing the pages that follow, you will learn how our systems can provide world-class timeshare resort management solutions for every step of your customer’s journey.

With our comprehensive capabilities, SPI can guide clients to your appropriate solution with a single phone call. We help our clients obtain the maximum value from their software by transforming complex challenges into simple software solutions.

That’s the SPI Promise!


What our clients say about us

Dan O’Donnell

Grand Pacific Resorts Management
Regional Manager of Resort Technology

“SPI worked closely with Grand Pacific Resorts to enhance OTA Connect to enable two-way integration between SPI and a vast array of online travel agencies… 

 Their skill and domain knowledge were excellent. I look forward to working with SPI as we continue to grow together.” 

Jeff Norris

Capital Vacations
Chief Technology Officer

“…SPI’s system provides all the core property management functions we need to effectively manage 200 associations throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Caribbean.

Their standardized platform ensures data quality, while their development team offers the flexibility of custom API solutions with external vendors. This enables SPI software to connect with other software and websites.”

Minttu Leminen

Holiday Club Resorts
Service Manager Business Technology

“We have worked with the team at SPI for over 10 years, and we appreciate the always friendly service, flexibility, and assistance we keep receiving. We have found SPI Orange to be a reliable and versatile software for timeshare and property management.

The team at SPI is always ready to help us develop the system even further to meet our unique needs and requirements.

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SPI provides a broad spectrum of timeshare software, including applications for fractional ownership resorts, private residence clubs and vacation clubs.

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