SPI sales Module

No matter what type of timeshare or resort product you sell, whether sold on-site, off-site or through third parties, SPI Orange Sales Software provides a comprehensive set of tools for efficiently managing the entire sales process.

SPI tools help you track room inventory and tour packages. Our tools monitor every lead, salesperson, and group by tracking deal status and providing comprehensive reporting. Our tools assist in preparing and printing sales contracts including calculating and paying commissions. The SPI Orange software will track all contract details and loans including upgrades, downgrades, and trade-ins. 

The user-friendly SPI Orange software is designed to scale for all sized properties and supports single or multiple project sales centers. SPI tools are accessible across your enterprise so that sales data is only entered once eliminating re-entry errors. 

Sales tracking

The SPI Orange Sales module provides a fast and efficient way to handle your sales processes from beginning to end.

Key Features

  • Sales center management
  • Real-time Arrivals Manifest and tour flow
  • Sales Rep rotation and assignment
  • Control inventory (selects based on priority)
  • Evaluate sales staff, T.O., and management performance
  • Manage add-ons, first day incentives and more
  • Process upgrades, downgrades, and trade-ins
  • Track the status of all sales including commissions
  • Manage fixed, float, fractional and point programs
  • Balance daily reports

Document Preparation

Document Preparation includes the execution and printing of sales documents and loan notes. These documents include timeshare deeded real estate, whole ownership, point programs or fractional inventory producing many choices for the sales staff.

Key Features

  • Rapid generation and improved accuracy of sales contracts
  • Quickly print contract sets as defined by a group
  • Create unlimited document groups
  • Restrict document groups based on sales types
  • Email contracts
  • DocuSign Print Driver Integration

Commission management

The SPI Orange Commissions module provides a fast and efficient way for paying your sales personnel. Not only are the commissions automatically calculated based on the user defined statuses set up, but the user is also able to preview and edit the payments before processing the commission payments. Once commission payments have been reviewed for accuracy, the user can then post the commission transactions. Each salesperson’s reserve amount is maintained by the system.

Key Features

  • Automatically calculate commission payments including commission splits and overrides
  • Track commission payments and history
  • Recover advances, draws, and reserves
  • Automatically chargeback for cancellations

Optional Sales Portal

SPI’s optional sales portal, OPC-Connect, provides off-premise contact (OPC) sales personnel and other tour vendors with the ability to remotely book tours through any web browser and via any device including desktop computers as well as mobile devices like tablets and phones over the cloud. 

No matter where an OPC is physically located, they can securely connect via commonly available mobile devices and connections to book vacation ownership property tours.

The OPC-Connect application has been designed with the remote OPC in mind. The application will automatically scale for a Wi-Fi or cell connection to provide each OPC with remote booking and reporting capability. 

Key Features

  • Administration dashboard and reporting
  • Role-based security
  • Email and Text Message confirmation